LeGrow Humidifier
LeGrow Humidifier
LeGrow Humidifier
LeGrow Humidifier

LeGrow Humidifier

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The LeGrow Humidifier kit  is a must for all indoor plant enthusiasts. 

The diffusing mist humidifier helps keep water loving plants moist, and enhances growth. This kit will enable you to grow thirsty plants indoors, without them drying out.

The cool spray mist can increase the indoor humidity and helps to relieve dry skin problems related to indoor heating or air-conditioning. 

Ideal for all homes, apartments, and offices, the Humidifier kit will reduce dry skin problems.

Use this kit on its own or combine with one or more of our other LeGrow kits
 to create your unique and beautiful indoor garden ecosystem.

Versatile, easy to care for, and maintain.

 This kit containers a Power Pot with 4 USB ports including one quick Charge USB. 

Combine nature with technology.

Waterproof and safety approved.




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