LeGrow Smartgarden

Design and build your own indoor smart garden and watch it grow!

These make perfect gifts for friends or family!

LeGrow is a modular design planter system enabling you to create your own indoor garden and grow plants all year round. From ornamental plants to herbs for the kitchen, LeGrow Smart garden brings nature indoors.

Choose from one of our LeGrow kits, or combine them to make your own unique arrangement.

Easy maintenance and minimal upkeep for a beautiful indoor home or office garden.

LeGrow pots are constructed of high quality, durable plastic, and are very easy to clean. Water capturing trays ensure no mess, containing the water for later use and preventing spills. 

Save time watering your plants. Each growing pot has an integrated and internal water reservoir which can hold up to 30ml of water. 

Each planter pot acts as a building block. Silicone connectors enable you to stack pots at different heights providing a stable and strong connection.  You can change planter pot arrangement whenever you choose.



Combine and arrange LeGrow kits to produce a wonderful indoor garden eco-system and watch your plants flourish!